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Plattsburgh International Airport.jpg

Plattsburgh International Airport

Pen named Quebec's U.S. Airport, the new  32,000 sf. airport terminal is located at the former Plattsburgh Airforce Base.  As the senior project architect for C&S Companies I was responsible for the design and project team coordination.  The building stone and brick exterior captures the essence of the original Air Base architecture.

Plattsburgh interior.jpg

The photograph shows the main stairway leading to the second level mezzanine and passenger waiting/departure areas.

Syracuse ARFF.jpg

Syracuse Airport Fire Station

As senior project architect for C&S Companies, I was responsible for the design and project team coordination for the new
and modernized airport fire station.  Involvement included reviewing the need for a  satellite or new centrally located ARFF and the impact of the location on both the current and future runways.

Proposed DPW Building.jpg

Department of Public Works

Illustration showing the proposed design of a new Public Works facility in Binghamton, NY.

011718 Presentation Layout.jpg

Commercial/Living Space 

Conceptual design for the renovation of an existing 8,200 sf. one-story structure and overbuild a second level addition.  The front of the first floor is to retain an existing restaurant.  The remainder of the first floor and second floor are to be a mix of offices/commercial spaces and/or apartment/dormitory living spaces.  

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